Credits claimed from insolvency procedures

Creditors must often wait several years to recover the sums claimed from their clients in insolvency procedures and they face uncertainty regarding both the prospect of collection and the recoverable amount. A sale without recourse represents the best solution for the creditor, be it a credit Institute, company, professional or private citizen. Be Finance , on behalf of major financial institutions, is interested in purchasing credit claims included within the liabilities of insolvency procedures.

Relevant Entities
  • Banks and insurance companies
  • Small, medium and large companies
  • Companies under voluntary or judicial liquidation
  • Companies in insolvency procedures
  • Foreign companies
  • Professionals and private individuals
Credits that can be purchased
  • Pre-deduction secured claims 2770
  • Pre-deduction unsecured claims ex. art 2770
  • General secured claims
  • Mortgage secured claims
  • Unsecured claims
Types of procedure
  • Bankruptcy
  • Out of court settlement
  • Compulsory administrative liquidation
  • Extraordinary administration

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