You're waiting is over
to get reimbursed
Purchase of tax credits
Your credit recovery
has never been this simple
Purchase of credits Receivable from the public administration
Is your client in insolvency procedures?
Do not simply wring your hands
and hope for the best
Purchase of credits claimed
against insolvency procedures

Be Finance

Since 2010 we operate in the structured finance sector and are specialised in the management of securitisation vehicles created for the purchase of tax receivables, credits claim from the public administration and credits claimed from insolvency procedures.

On behalf of such SPVs, Funded by major institutional investors, we undertake the following activities:

we identify and manage requests to sell and transfer credit positions
we analyse the proposed credits in order to verify their compliance with the necessary requirements to finalise the purchase operation
we oversee collection of the purchased credit positions

Acquisition services

Credits claimed
from the public administration
Credits claimed
from insolvency procedures

The sale of credits without records allows immediate benefits related to the type of Seller

Operating companies
  • Finding additional liquidity
  • Gaining a tax advantage of IRES Tax deduction from the differential amount collected
  • Saving on the costs and resources needed to manage on one's own
  • Improving company indices and the accuracy of the balance sheet
Voluntary liquidations
  • Reducing the timeframe to complete liquidation activities
  • Obtaining savings on management costs
Insolvency procedures
  • Being able to move ahead with partial/final distributions to creditors
  • Reaching closure of the procedure

Operational phases

Through examination of minimal initial documentation, preliminary due diligence is launched.
Formal proposal
At the end of the previous phase a proposal is sent to purchase the credit.
Definition of the transaction
Through analysis of the documentation full due diligence is launched, followed by drying up of the credit to purchase contract and completion of payment.

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