Credits for tax refunds

Very often, reimbursement of tax receivables takes too long. Their sale without recourse is an alternative solution that is more efficient compared to managing the claim directly. Be Finance Is specialised in the purchase of tax receivables, supported by the track record of a team that has proven itself over 20 years of activity in the sector.

Relevant entities
  • Small, medium and large companies
  • Companies under voluntary and Judicial liquidation
  • Company is undergoing restructuring agreements
  • Companies under insolvency procedures
  • Fiscal representatives of non-resident companies
  • Foreign companies without stable organisation
Credits that can be purchased
  • IVA
  • IRES
  • IRAP
  • IRES for non-deductible IRAP
  • IRES for Tremonti ambientale
  • Tax credit from DTA conversion

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